Cashbook – UK 2019 BRONZE Sponsor

Cashbook have been a global Infor partner since 2010, we help organizations to achieve spectacular levels of automation in Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation. Alongside these three core products we also have highly useful tools for Deductions and Portal automation.

Cashbook are the go-to partner for Infor ERP’s such as M3, S3, XA, and BPCS/LX. The benefit of us being so familiar with these Infor ERPs mean a quick and seamless integration with Cashbook. We look forward to developing our M3 associations even further through our membership and sponsorship of the M3UA UK.

Cashbook are based in Ireland but have operations in London, Amsterdam, Chicago and Los Angeles. We have completed multiple implementations for companies in 25 countries worldwide, across all continents and with multiple banks, payment formats, currencies and languages. Our software is not industry specific, it is a fully customizable solution that can be tailored to suit the specific financial needs of your organization.

Cashbook’s solutions allow you to significantly reduce time spent on Cash Application with automation. We can reduce the number of people required to apply cash in your finance department. These people can then be allocated to other higher value functions in your company, such as collections. See how the world’s most intelligent ERP and Bank integration platform, with exceptional matching capabilities, massively reduces manual workload. Get your banks and ERPs talking. Trusted, tailored software from cashflow specialists.