Ephesoft – UK 2019 BRONZE Sponsor

IDM Capture – Supplying Content into Infor

Ephesoft provides enterprise content capture into multiple Infor products using supervised machine learning technology to help organizations around the world work smarter and faster. The IDM Capture solution offers so much more than OCR.

IDM Capture (powered by Ephesoft Transact) streamlines and automates high-touch, manual and content-heavy processes (like Accounts Payable invoice processing), accelerating the speed and accuracy of processing while containing operational costs.

Ephesoft provides an intelligent document onramp, automatically extracting and exporting data and documents into Infor products such as Document Management, M3 Servers, ION servers and web services. Through this partnership, Ephesoft’s powerful document classification, data extraction functionality, optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) capabilities are added to Infor’s document management application to automatically capture vital business content and utilize data-driven decision-making. Ephesoft enables more comprehensive document capture processes which allow machine-printed and hand-printed text to be converted into digital formats, thereby diversifying the type of information that can be utilized through the application.

IDM Capture + Content Services

Enterprise content capture provides an intelligent document onramp for content services from most sources: scanners, copiers, email accounts, mobile devices, legacy content systems and applications.

IDM Capture Web Services + Workflow

Web services provide workflow tools with the ability to “understand” document content by revealing the structured data contained with it, driving automated decision-making.

IDM Capture in the Cloud

IDM Capture was built to fully exploit the benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure. Capture-as-a-Service provides the necessary deployment flexibility for customers looking for hosted services and all the benefits that come with them.


Download the IDM Capture brochure: https://www.infor.com/content/brochures/document-management-capture.pdf/

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