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iStone is an IT corporation employing more than 500 people in 13 countries worldwide. Our experienced consultants implement and upgrade carefully selected, market-leading software, helping our customers to develop their business. All on the basis of in-depth system and industry knowledge, a well-proven methodology, and with sustainable responsibility.

iStone is a Platinum Services Partner of Infor. With more than two hundred experienced M3 consultants – in the Americas, Asia and Europe – we deliver M3 implementations and global roll-outs. We have senior competence and resources in all M3 areas. We combine third-party state-of-the-art business critical applications with M3, creating critical business value to our customers every day. We are pioneers and experts in the field of personalization and Mash ups, where we deliver user efficiency to over three hundred customers.

iStone has extensive, wide-ranging and specialist expertise in M3 and other leading ERP Systems. We handle the implementation of ERP systems in the form of new installations, upgrades and rollouts. We help our clients create the best solution for both the short term and the long term. In each area, we have singled out the products at the forefront in terms of applications, and partners who are stable and good to work with.

New systems means change for the business and its stakeholders. We are ready to help out with your change management process. Our experience in ERP projects, spanning a number of different types of companies in a range of sectors – local and global – enables us to offer expert advice and guidance for successful ERP projects.

Our ability to guide and help our customers achieve excellent ERP system solutions can be summed up with these credentials: we work with market-leading standard systems, we enhance these with leading best-of-breed solutions, and we proceed based on our sector and industry expertise to create real business value and efficiency.

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