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m-Power from MRC (UK) Ltd

Agility to solve new business projects in hours / days. Solve all your add-on requirements around M3.

m-Power is an agile development tool for the rapid creation of business web solutions, working in real-time with your existing databases.  Build for any web browser on any device, including PC’s, tablets and all smartphones.

Typical m-Power applications:

  • Management Info Intranets
  • Customer Portals
  • Supplier extranets
  • Real-time e-commerce solutions
  • Field sales force applications
  • Workflow applications
  • Excel replacement
  • Mobile apps for remote staff

Working over any database, use our one tool to deliver everything you need. Our n-tier architecture creates solutions using the latest technology – delivering portable modern websites, web services or even big data solutions.

m-Power – meeting the needs of all your users, wherever they are.

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