SMA Technologies


Founded in 1980, SMA Technologies, is a privately owned American corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, with an international team staffing offices in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, and Switzerland. SMA Solutions develops transformative software tools that allow organizations in a wide range of industries to significantly increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy. Their expanding market base includes clients in both the public and private sectors.

OpCon, from SMA Technologies operates in dozens of complex ERP environments, simplifying IT tasks, automating tasks and orchestrating services. OpCon is a powerful workload automation tool that drives digital transformation and allows you to automate everything from mundane tasks to complex and high-risk processes. Using OpCon, you can automate business and technical workflows across operations, infrastructure, cloud and virtual environments. With this easy to use solution, you quickly lock in knowledge and expertise, which reduces errors and enables agile IT delivery.

OpCon is leading edge technology that saves time, money and streamlines operations. OpCon interfaces with the internal scheduler of the Infor® M3 Enterprise Management System. As a result, all of the jobs that normally run within Infor M3 can be run using OpCon. With this interface, the dynamic capabilities of OpCon are available to Infor M3 job processes.

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