Faster M3UA Website

Over the UK Holiday Weekend the server company who hosts the M3 User Association Website moved all hosting servers to Solid State Drives (SSD’s). I am pleased to say the website response rates are much improved and all, appears, to be well in its operation. Please let me know if you see any ‘wobbles’ or ‘glitches’.

This is the ideal time, to ensure you have “Subscribed to the M3UA Website by Email”. Just enter your email address in the field at the bottom right of any M3UA Webpage and click the ‘Subscribe’ button. This will ensure you are automatically informed of all new news articles. If you have received this posting by email you are already subscribed – Thanks. This message is for those who read this news article on the website; please subscribe now.

Remember to register for the M3UA Benelux Conference, click <here> to register and <here> for conference details. Hopefully I will meet you in Eindhoven on the 12 October !

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