Excelogy help build and improve the relationship between M3, Excel and its Users by providing the Reporting and Analysis tools they absolutely crave. We provide tools installed on the User PC which allow them to create and manage their own customised and formatted Excel outputs and set up their own routines to automate the entry of new filters, refresh and distribute these.  We can install and deliver these remotely so that, this time tomorrow you could be creating your own reports.

Excelogy Ltd is a small UK based company, six years old and specialises in Spreadsheet Automation.  We have been working with Spreadsheet Automation for over 10 years, nearly twenty years with M3/Movex and some forty years working with ERP/MRP using a variety of products and sectors as authors, users and management.  We have several M3UA Member clients across Europe and as far away as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and are always delighted and honoured to share our knowledge and experience and being small, we bring an agile, flexible, imaginative and pragmatic approach to user issues.

If you wish to discuss our solution, please email bi@excelogy.co.uk or call +44 (0) 753 9227 143 at any time or visit  www.excelogy.co.uk