LUA Conference 2010

Park_Royal132 delegates attended the 2010 LUA Annual Conference, held on Tuesday 15th June 2010, at the Park Royal Hotel, Stretton, Warrington.

This event was free of charge to attend and open to both members and non-members of the LUA.

The Conference Dinner, sponsored by Totalamber, was held on the evening of 14th June 2010, 83 delegates attended.

On the 15th June, there were a wide variety of presentations, for M3 customers, with 4 “streams” operating simultaneously, with Customer Case Studies, Lawson news (including 10.1), Lawson Training, and vendor exhibition and presentations.

(As the presentations from this conference are now outdated the access links have been removed. If required please use the contact form to request a copy)

Day 1

Welcome & LUA Update

Graham Maxfield, General Manager of the LUA, welcomed the delegates to this year’s Annual Conference, and gave an update of the activities of LUA & GAM3.

Balmoral & Buckingham (Main Room)

Case Study – Actelion Pharmaceuticals

Volker Dierks, Senior Systems Controller of Actelion Pharmaceuticals, based in Switzerland,
gave a presentation of their international roll out of M3.

Case Study – Raleigh UK

Barrie Timson, Business Systems Mgr of Raleigh UK, based in Nottingham, UK, gave a presentation of their
e-commerce roll out to Bicycle Dealers, large and small, using the m-Power software from mrc.

Case Study – Sellafield

Kevin Farish, M3 Technical Mgr of Sellafield, gave a presentation of their System Upgrade to M3 7.1 Tech, Workplace, & Streamserve.

Case Study – Fletchers Bakeries

Paul Devlin, Finance Director of Fletchers Bakeries, based in Sheffield, UK, gave a presentation of improvements
to Business Reporting using Qlikview software.

Case Study – Sellafield (Asset Tracking)

John Kirkbride, CMMS Manager of Sellafield, gave a presentation of their implementation of mobile asset management system for Fire & Rescue equipment, using technology supplied by BEC (Systrem Integration).

Lawson Support

Andrew Stephenson, of Lawson Global Support, gave a presentation of the recent changes to the Support offerings available to M3 customers, including & the new CASE management.


Alan O’Neill, founder of Totalamber, after giving a brief history of his organisation, introduced Fuaad Buras, Totalamber’s Professional Services Director, who gave a presentation to launch LPR.

Lawson Product Update

Brian Dunks, of Lawson Product Development, gave a presentation of the changes to the M3 software including Cloud Computing, the GAM3 Product Enhancement Process, and the recently released M3 10.1

Prize Draw & Close

Angela Maxfield, Company Secretary of the LUA did the draw for the donated prizes:-

Second prize: A bottle of champagne donated by LUA, was won by Michel Spruit, Bison, NLFirst prize: An Acer Notebook, donated by Anthesis, was won by Patrick Genty, Galderma, FR.

The conference was closed by Graham Maxfield at 15:45 p.m.

Sandringham & Windsor Suites (Vendor Presentations)

BEC (Systems Integration) Ltd

Old BECBEC’s eSmart data capture suite uses a range of the latest data collection technologies, to automatically collect, verify & immediately upload business critical data to your Movex or M3 system. With captured data accurately reflected in all your operations, you can make informed decisions based on real-time stock levels, plan production effectively, fulfil customer orders and reduce your Work in Progress (WIP) and inventory requirements.

As of June 2010, BEC are proud to announce that we are now full Lawson reseller partners and able to provide complete ERP solutions combining Lawson Software’s M3 ERP solution with our extensive industry knowledge in FMCG and Manufacturing & Distribution. This partnership means we can now advise, designs and deliver entire M3 ERP solutions incorporating enterprise data collection that streamline business processes and improve productivity & efficiency across your organization.

“Sellafield Fire and Rescue mobilises asset management with eSmart Data Capture system”

 Essist Omikron Group Essist Omikron Group

Finding the right, flexible and cost effective resources and support for Movex / M3 can be difficult; finding it in the UK can be even more difficult! However, in Sweden and around the world there are organizations that service this sector very well and they are now available over here. All in one place.

EOG has set up a foundation framework, based on industry standard ITIL and COBIT principles that can provide support at many different levels to help you monitor, run, optimize and manage your M3/Movex installation. Whether in providing education and tools so you can be self sufficient or bringing in remote 1st line or 1st and 2nd line support – either just at difficult/unsocial hours or right through to a full monitoring and user support service on a 24/7 basis – EOG can help the burden of managing the Application, the Platform and the Network. Joining with EOG will also bring access to high quality training, application enhancements, database archiving, document archiving, systems management and business resiliency on-demand. EOG presents a single face to you whilst partnering with industry big names like iStone, Multi Support, Essist, Vision and Omikron Data to help tailor their offerings to suit the needs of your business.

Estrix (UK) Ltd Estrix (UK) Ltd

Estrix is a software reseller and consultancy company specialising in ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and PIM technologies. Our products include the Lawson M3 suite, QlikView and inRiver PIM. We believe in an integrated information infrastructure that services the entire organisation end-to-end. With offices throughout Europe we are able to understand local market conditions, provide local language support and a speedy response to our customers’ needs.

Our recent partnership with the iStone Group gives you access to support services and M3 competence from around 200 highly skilled consultants with experience gained from extensive projects in a wide range of industries.

 Medius Medius

MediusFlow™ enables organisations to achieve “best in class” results as suggested by Aberdeen Group and Hackett, increasing invoice processing per FTE and reducing the overall processing cost per invoice. Our innovative flagship product, MediusFlow™, has been implemented at over 300 customers including many with integrations to M3 and Movex and forms an integral component of an e-invoicing strategy. As well as being a specialist Purchase-to-Pay workflow, MediusFlow™ also allows digital management of other document flows, such as Expenses, through simple and effective workflow management.

Being a web based solution, MediusFlow™ can be delivered as Software-as-a-Service thus providing a scalable product that can easily be made available to users across multiple sites.

 mrc mrc

New browser-based functionality can be added to Movex / M3 in hours/days using m-Power. Management info, reports, standard documents,
drill-downs, data entry screens, GUI interactive reports, plus many other styles of program. m-Power can access Movex files in real-time or via a warehouse. It can also create whole new databases for business processes not covered by standard Movex / M3.

Some uses for m-Power

  • Management Information Intranets
  • KPI dashboards
  • Extranets for viewing orders, statements, stock levels, etc.
  • Order entry shopping baskets
  • New databases – e.g. forecasting, contact management, technical database, customer returns

 NCC Group Ltd NCC Group Ltd

NCC Group is a leading global provider of independent IT assurance, security and advisory services. As a trusted advisor, we help over 15,000 public, private and not for profit sector organisations, including 94 of the FTSE 100, to make the most efficient use of information and technology and to manage the associated risks.

With over 30 years’ experience, NCC Group is the world’s largest software escrow provider, protecting clients worldwide with the most comprehensive escrow solutions available. We have strong relationships with over 5,000 software suppliers, with over 2,000 multi-licensee agreements in place.

 StreamServe StreamServe

StreamServe is a leading provider of enterprise business communication solutions. Simple to deploy and maintain, the company’s dynamic composition, document process automation and enterprise output management solutions meet the demanding challenges of today’s global businesses for producing and delivering highly customized documents in any format.

StreamServe’s advanced software solutions ease the process of composing and automating business communications, enabling organizations to increase the value and profitability of their business relationships. This is done all while leveraging existing business applications such as ERP, CRM and ECM.

StreamServe and Lawson are Partners since 1998. StreamServe and Lawson today have close to 1000 joint customers in more than 30 countries worldwide.

 Totalamber Totalamber

Totalamber is the proud main sponsor of the 2010 Lawson User Association and is the UK’s leading provider of Lawson Consultancy Services. With offices in both the USA and UK, Totalamber’s team of 120 service delivery consultants have delivered more than 500 projects in 23 countries.

Totalamber’s range of productised service offerings cover the full systems lifecycle for enterprise applications, including:

  • Lawson Performance Review (LPR)
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Project Feasibility Analysis (PFA)
  • Support & Training Strategy (STS)
  • Upgrade Strategy (US).

Totalamber adopts the Diamond Methodology to ensure we deliver tangible business benefit to the organisation through a holistic review of their business, people, process and technology.

 Utilities 400 Utilities 400

Utilities 400 is the industry leader in developing robust IBM i solutions that specialise in providing data on demand. Our innovative products seamlessly integrate into existing business processes so that key business information can be can be delivered quickly, reliably and efficiently into multiple applications across multiple platforms as and when required.

Our solutions provide:

  • Automated data transfer to and from iSeries and all major PC formats.
  • Real-time, web-based business intelligence.
  • Transaction processing via browser.
  • Automated reporting.
  • Focused marketing via email, SMS and Web.
  • Creation of electronic forms.
  • Workflow automation and Document Management.

 Version One Version One

Version One’s document management and imaging software enables automatic document scanning, recognition, storage, archiving, retrieval and delivery of all your accounting and business documents. Replacing paper-based processes with electronic procedures, eliminates the costly and time consuming manual management of paper documents.

Tightly integrated with a wide variety of accounting/ERP systems, such as Lawson M3, Version One’s ‘Procure to Pay’ solution delivers the following benefits enjoyed by over 2,500 organisations;

  • Improved business efficiencies
  • Reduced manual data entry
  • ROI in less than 6 months
  • Streamlined accounting processes through integrated document management
  • Automated delivery of financial documents and reports
  • Better management of regulatory issues – Bringing visibility, control and compliance to accounting processes

 Vision SolutionsVision Solutions

Vision Solutions has the pleasure of presenting the latest news regarding System i optimisation and archiving as well as data replication tools and high availability that work on all IBM Power Systems.

Vision will show you how easy it is to extend the lifetime of your servers while keeping the data accessible and at the same time ensuring your data is available. We’ll also show you how you can roll back to any point in time with our continuous data protection.

The long partnership with Lawson makes Vision’s solutions very easy to install, which means you can be up and running quickly, easily and surprisingly affordable.