MUA Conference 2005

Hellidon_LakesConference Review

This conference built on the success of previous conferences, with a programme that had an emphasis on Customer Case Studies, and included presentations from various suppliers, including Intentia, on improving the use of Movex.

Also there was the opportunity for over 100 delegates to spend time networking and sharing experiences with other MUA members. We are delighted that Bertrand Sciard agreed to take time from his current heavy schedule and to be available for numerous one-to-one meetings with customers and third parties, as well as bringing us the up-to-date news from Intentia, especially the Lawson merger.

(As the presentations from this conference are now outdated the access links have been removed. If required please use the contact form to request a copy)

Day 1

Start of Conference

Welcome from Graham Maxfield – General Manager. He outlined the progress made during the past year, including the conversion to a “company limited by guarantee”.

Case Study – BNG

Rigorous data validation, functional testing and precise change control processes are key to implementing successful Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions in high-risk environments. Richard Davison from British Nuclear Group, Sellafield discussed these unique challenges.

Enterprise Asset Management

Significant benefits are available to Movex users by implementing these integrated EAM systems – Brian Dunks from Intentia explored the key area of integration and the benefits that these can provide.

Output Management – Streamserve v4

Manufacturing has made huge investments in Information Systems IT. But even today data doesn’t flow as freely as it should do, or positively impact your supplier and customer relationships as much as was promised. StreamServe EDP solutions enhance the capabilities and ROI of the manufacturing back-end to interactively feed the documents that run the business – pack lists, pick lists, status reports and invoices. The result? Lower cost, greater efficiency, better quality and higher profit. StreamServe presented a brief overview of Enterprise Document Presentment and an update on the current version of the software.

Case Study – Hagemeyer

Today, companies that rely on their mission-critical ERP application, face an increasing demand for optimum performance and scalable access to their enterprise data. However, with continued database growth, meeting these requirements has become nearly impossible – Stuart Bates from Hagemeyer discussed the archive solution from Vision solutions that has helped Hagemeyer in the last 12 months gain control over data growth.

Lean Manufacturing

Competitive pressure has accelerated with globalization, the liberalization of markets and emergence of the likes of Brazil, Russia India and China as manufacturing powerhouses. Organizations that continue to manufacture in high-cost countries must eliminate any “fat” from their manufacturing if they are to remain competitive. Andrew Dalziel – Supply Chain Management Product Director, Intentia , explained how a lean manufacturing philosophy can assist with this, how Intentia can help support it and the potential benefits.


Support and Delivery – Ian Hewitt discussed not only the way the new organisation is supporting you the customer today but also how the integration of Research and Development, Quality Assurance, Support, and Delivery of Product into one organisation is working to ensure the best possible performance and service for your company.

Maintenance Agreements

General discussion. (Intentia & MUA full members only).

Day 2

After an evening of 10 pin bowling, followed by the MUA Conference Dinner, Graham Maxfield started the second day’s session.

Intentia Update

Bertrand Sciard gave an update on the various changes within Intentia, including the latest on the merger with Lawson

Case Study – Aggreko

Tom Aitchison gave an insight into their pan-european Java implementation.

Java – Data Migration Tools

Jonathan Dingwall & Phil Pearson gave an update on the tools available to migrate the data from RPG on your i-Series to Java.

What is Portal 9?

Intentia Presentation by Jonathan Dingwall showing how new developments in portal technology can bring tremendous benefits to Movex users

Opportunity Analyser

How to justify a multi million pound investment. In his role as project manager of one of the first implementations of our new solution Opportunity Analyzer, Hans de Soete, Intentia’s Solutions Manager, explained the real life experiences and just how it has enabled the customer to make the right choices.

Case Study – Interfloor

In conjunction with Util 400 we found out how to integrate a third party transport tracking & management application into Movex.

Voice & Vision in the Supply Chain

More emerging technologies from our Data Capture colleagues, BEC (Systems Integration) LTD. The BEC team showed why Voice Picking and Vision Verification systems have upstaged RFId and are now the No. 1 priority for many Supply Chain Executives looking to address quality, traceability & efficiency business issues.

Case Study – Rectella

Rectella & eVentura presented a new PC-based, real-time, user-managed link from Movex to Microsoft Excel and help transform their Movex Financial Data Analysis, Formatting and Distribution capabilities.

Case Study – Bostik

Since implementing a new data warehouse (i-Apps), Bostik Limited has seen a number of benefits, from IT improvements in service to business users being able to make better decisions sooner than they were previously able from Movex and standard reporting means. The i-Apps data warehouse and Cognos Business Intelligence has also opened up a lot of opportunities for new, more complex reporting, reports that are much more user friendly and increased abilities to store historical data. Information in the data warehouse is updated in “real time” requiring no user intervention, it is now possible to retrieve and report information without impacting on the operational IT systems. User access is easy and secure via browser based Internet connections. This joint presentation with Simpson Associates and Paul Hudson, IT Manager for Bostik Limited, reviewed the considerations given to their needs for a data warehouse and demonstrate how Bostik Ltd. are enjoying dramatic reductions in the time required to produce reports and the benefits such improvements enable across the business since its implementation.

Security, Continuity and Compliance

Over the last few years rules, regulations and industry standards have been causing companies to re-evaluate their IT strategies. It is now more essential than ever to be able to guarantee the security and availability of both systems and data. Gordon McKenzie of Syan highlighted the importance of these areas and discuss the options for ensuring your systems will meet the demands of the compliance auditors.

Conference Review

After a highly successful conference, Graham Maxfield, reviewed the results of the vote for Director (Resolution 1).

End of Conference

We look forward to seeing you next year at:-

Worsley Park & Country Club, Manchester on the 7th & 8th November, 2006