MUA Conference 2006

Worsley_ParkConference Review

This conference built on the success of previous conferences, with a programme that had an emphasis on Customer Case Studies, and included presentations from various suppliers, including Lawson, on improving the use of Movex.

Also there was the opportunity for nearly 100 delegates to spend time networking and sharing experiences with other MUA members.

(As the presentations from this conference are now outdated the access links have been removed. If required please use the contact form to request a copy)

Day 1


Graham Maxfield opened the conference, by welcoming the delegates and introducing the agenda.

He gave an overview of the progress made by the MUA during 2006.

The meeting then moved onto the MUA Annual General meeting and the submission of three Resolutions and the election of a new committee member.

He closed his presentation with an offer to non US customers of Lawson to the Cue-07 event being held in San Deigo on 4-7 March 2007

Case Study – Scott Bader

Jeff Legg, European I.S. Manager for Scott Bader, gave a presentation of their European deployment of the Java 12.5

Lawson – Professional Service

Mark Illidge, Client Solutions Executive, gave an insight in the new structure and activities of this organisation in North West Europe.

StreamServe Persuasion

Joe Francis of Streamserve gave us a World Exclusive by providing us with details about the new release of Streamserve called Persuasion, prior to its formal release on 14th November, 2006.

Case Study – Alston Cabinets

Zubin Patel outlined the requirement and benefits of the recently introduced Electronic Proof of Delivery.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Andrew Briggs of BEC gave a detailed presentation of the technology implemented by his company at Alston Cabinets.

Case Study – Sapa Profiles

Streven True, Finance Director of Sapa Profiles gave us the clues in their “Hunt for Profit” by bridging the gap between Production and Finance.

Case Study – Lafarge Aggregates

Leanne Cooke, Business Solutions Manager of Lafarge Aggregates, a user of the Lawson S3 suite, gave an overview of how they use the services of e-Docs to improve their business.

Management of Archived Financial Records

Colin Baterip and Barry Clarke, explained the techniques used in the DocWorks software and how it can be used by Movex users, especially on large Financial reports.

Case Study – ABP

Dave Barratt, Group MIS Manager of ABP, explained whilst having a distributed strategy of disparate systems in numerous locations, by using the Operator software, they have achieved consolidation onto a single instance of Movex.

Day 2

Lawson – News

Alun Baker, VP of NW Europe for Lawson presented the latest news.

Lawson – Regional Support

Despite the illness of Ian Hewitt, Regional Support Manager, it was agreed to continue with this regular overview, with Owen Turner, Lawson Sales Director presenting the changes in Regional Support and Graham Maxfield, MUA General Manager, reviewing the Performance statistics.

Lawson – Human Capital Management

Peter Winspur, Presales Manager demonstrated the new product of Human Capital Management.

Lawson – Business Intelligence

Jonathan Dingwall, Lawson’s Solution Consulting Manager, gave a presentation and demonstration of the new LBI (Business Intelligence) software.

Case Study – Faiveley Transport

Martin Hathaway, Faiveley Transport’s I.T. Manager gave an insight into their gobal roll-out of Movex, and current impending changes, and how they have gained benefit by using the Qlikview product.

Triangle Overview

Kevin Drew, Triangle’s Managing Director gave an overview of the products and services offered by his organisation.

(Please note that this company is no longer trading)

Case Study – Canadian Helicopters Corporation

Christine Whyte, Readsoft’s Account Manager, gave a presentation on the implementation of their ADC product at CHC.

Case Study – Rectella

Andy Hughson, Rectella’s Commercial Manager, gave a presentation to explain how they used handheld Blackberry devices to improve the stock control and accuracy in the TJ Hughes stores, where they have concessions to sell their goods.

Don’t risk it

Mike Ryan, Vision Solution’s VP of SMB Technologies gave a presentation of their new capabilities to create copies of live data, online, for backup and testing purpose.

Revitalising the 20%

Phil Clarke, Technical Director of SCL, gave a brief outline of how those users of Movex who are not planning to “Step Up” to Java version 12, can extend the life and usefullness of their existing version of Movex.

Conference Review

Graham Maxfield, MUA General Manager, gave a review of the conference and reported that all resolutions were passed unanimously.

Conference Close

The conference was closed at 15:10 pm on 8th November 2006.