MUA Conference 2007

Forest_of_ArdenConference Review

This year the MUA conference immediately followed the Lawson’s “What’s Next” event, and the Lawson UK User Group also held its own conference at the same time.

This conference built on the success of previous conferences, with a programme that had an emphasis on Customer Case Studies, and included presentations from various suppliers, including Lawson, on improving the use of Movex.

Also there was the opportunity for approximately 150 delegates to spend time networking and sharing experiences with other MUA & LUKUG members.

(As the presentations from this conference are now outdated the access links have been removed. If required please use the contact form to request a copy)

Day 1


Graham Maxfield opened the conference, by welcoming the delegates and introducing the agenda.

He gave an overview of the progress made by the MUA during 2007.

The meeting then moved onto the MUA Annual General meeting and the submission of two Resolutions including the re-election of 6 committee member. (2 vacancies still exist)

He closed with the introduction of the Global Association of M3 Users, of which he is coordinator.

Case Study – Zeppelin

Leo Von Stillfried, CRM Project Manager introduced the implementation of Lawson’s latest version of SMS, aided by Estrix.

SMS M3 7.1 by Estrix

Jan Forssberg, Product Manager at Estrix, introduced his organisation and highlighted the new features used by Zeppelin.

Case Study – Newell Rubbermaid

John Calvey, European B.I. Manager at Newells explained how their B.I. capacity problems were eliminated by Vision Solutions Integrator product.

Day 2

Lawson Regional Support

Marc Houx, Lawson’s EMEA Director of Regional Support, gave a presentation of recent changes and performance of the Support organisation in NW Europe.

Case Study – Scott Bader

Jeff Legg, European I.S. Manager for Scott Bader, followed up with his presentation from last year to highlight the success for their project, following a full and in-depth review / audit.

Automated Supplier Invoice Matching with Workflow

Carl Erik Schnoor of Multi Support gave a presentation of his company and their solution.

Lawson’s Learning Accelerator

John McGann, Lawson’s Director of International Learning gave a presentation on the new Learning Accelerator options.

Product Information Manager

Mike Nutter of Blue Dot and Johan Bostrom of In River gave a presentation of their solution for Product Information Management.

Case Study – Ashworth Golf

Gary Pritchard, Ashworth’s Project Manager gave a presentation of their use of eVentura’s Executive Dash software.

Case Study – Wm Blythe

Teresa Pepper, Finance Director of Wm Blythe gave a presentation of two enhancements that they have implemented using the Lookserver software supplied by SCL.


Jean Paul Schriek, Product Manager of Streamserve gave a presentation of some of the features of their product.

Intranet & Extranet Applications

Andy Vigrass, Managing Director of mrc, gave a presentation of a Complaints system developed using their m-power software.

Case Study – Hagemeyer

Ian Cleaver, Head of Application Management for Hagemeyer, gave a presentation of the use of Cognos 8, assisted by Assimil8.

Conference Close

The conference was closed at 15:15 pm on 19th September 2007.