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    Paul Race

    Hi all,

    We are v13.2 users and currently upgrading to v13.4. When we installed our M3 system we took the brave decision to have MEC do all the EDI translations ( and I mean translations not just passing through already translated documents 🙂 ) – it has worked out well ! As well as the upgrade we are also working on bringing more sites onto our M3 system ( 7 presently, 3 more definitely to add, potentially another 2 after that ). The next site to add is Dutch, runs Navision and one of their customers wants them to start using PEPPOL transactions before year end ( I will double check that to make sure that deadline is correct ). It’s a small site and would take relatively little effort to get onto M3 – however, they are pushing to develop PEPPOL with Navision given the deadline and it will need to be ready in M3.

    I’ve checked with Infor and the people I know say yes, PEPPOL is just another EDI standard, but I can’t find anyone who has actually tackled it yet. Anyone out there got experience of PEPPOL and transacting it with M3 ?


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