Global Association of M3 User Groups

GAM3 LogoThe M3UA is a founding member of the Global Association of M3 User Groups, which is written as GAM3 for short, but said as “GAME” for ease. GAM3 is the umbrella organisation of all M3 User Groups around the world.

GAM3, whilst being totally independent, works closely with the M3 software vendor, Infor, to resolve issues, develop and enhance the product, and to promote the product to future potential customers. Infor recognise GAM3 as “the voice of the customer”.

GAM3 and senior Infor personnel “meet” frequently, usually by teleconference, and at least twice per month, to work on a number of issues and projects.

Topics covered include:-

  • Communication
  • Partner Network
  • Professional Services
  • Product Enhancement Process
  • Global Support

All GAM3 members operate on an independent basis and are formed to encourage information exchange between their members and Infor, and to look after the interest of their members with regard to the benefits provided by their association with the M3 ERP software.

If you wish further information on the Association click here for the GAM3 website.