LeanSwift – UK 2019 GOLD Sponsor

LeanSwift is an Infor Alliance Partner and a global system integrator of M3 and other Infor products. We have a global reach with a presence and operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Our value proposition is built on M3 consulting services for upgrades and implementations with a strong focus on ION integration, eCommerce, mobility apps, Mongoose and H5 framework. We are cloud specialized and is one of the few partners that implemented both M3 CloudSuite and Birst. We bring together your people, processes, workflows and critical data to make systems work for your business, customers and build a foundation for growth.

The core of our business is to provide Business Solutions and Technical Services for Infor M3. (Lawson/ Movex). Our team has also developed a standardized integration with Infor M3 for eCommerce, eFulfilment as well as Mobile Apps. The constant evolvement in the world of technology always inspire our LeanSwift Team to make sure we are on top of our game!  A key ingredient is to work closely with all customers to make sure we know their needs.

LeanSwift is also proud to present and host the new Marketplace for the “Infor M3 Community”! This is a new initiative in the M3 world and has already been given lots of praise by User groups around the globe. The Marketplace is open to everyone; Infor, partners, customers and all third-party solution providers. Here you can find and enable mobile apps, mashups, jscripts, extensions and different integrations. This is your new one-stop shop for Infor M3. LeanSwift is presenting multiple out-of the box mobile applications as well as eCommerce integrations. Make sure to visit the website and see what is there for you!

For more information go to our website or contact us at [email protected]