Session Summaries – Benelux 2018

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Accelerate your Infor Automation journey with OpCon

Jose Da Silva – SMA Solutions
Modernising and accelerating the automation journey of IT operations is becoming mandatory to support agility required by businesses. Discover how SMA’s Automation Platform OpCon, will help you to automate Infor and all you critical IT tasks and processes.


Cashflow – The Life-Blood of Business

Greg Coulter – Cashbook
Cashflow is the life-blood of any business. Improving cashflow improves business. Making cash flow faster and more effortless, error free and automated, integrated and instant is the goal. Find out how it’s possible to achieve this with M3, and enjoy the unexpected story of side-benefits like improved employee and customer satisfaction.


Digital Transformation Keynote

Andrew Kinder – Infor
‘Digital Transformation’ may soon be the most over used phrase in the English language. Not every company is an Uber, AirBnB or Netflix. Hear about how traditional manufacturing, distribution and service companies are transforming their processes and the benefits they are reaping. Get tips on how to get started in a pragmatic manner.


Driving ROI – An Implementation Perspective

Rob Kanters – Infor
In M3 implementation and upgrade projects much attention is given to budget and scope control. Many projects however lack the same attention when it comes to ensure that the goals and the benefits of the project are realized. In the session we will cover some simple concepts which help to keep focus on benefit realisation during and after the project. A lot of this you can do yourself, but we will also discuss where Infor Consulting Services can help you.


Driving ROI from the Edge of M3

Andrew Dalziel– Infor
Summary TBC.


Exploring the capabilities of Infor Mongoose

Koen Devos – Infor
With the inclusion of the Infor Mongoose framework into the Infor OS platform, M3 now has an additional capability to extend its functionality and meet your specific business needs.
Join this session to find out how you can leverage the Mongoose framework to build new applications, connect and extend existing ones, with Cloud in mind.


Extending, tailoring and personalising M3 with Infor OS

Koen Devos – Infor
Today, the native Infor M3 solution already provides multiple capabilities to extend functionality and personalise the user experience. Infor OS is taking this to the next level. Learn how role-based Homepages change the way users work, increase their productivity and help them make better-informed decisions. M3 Event-based notifications, tasks and alerts allow the user to focus on what really deserves their attention and also trigger workflow and integration capabilities. These are just a few examples of M3 extensibility driven by Infor OS.


Improving your margin management with M3

Jeroen van Kerrebroeck – Infor
A holistic look at margin in M3. This interactive session will take a look at the concept of margin in M3 as well as pricing guidance, customer and supplier rebates and touch on the M3 bonus and commissions functionality. Experience some of the key capabilities for margin management across M3 modules.


Infor Executive Keynote

Cormac Watters – Infor
The information that will be shared during this session alone justifies taking a day of your calendar to attend the M3UA Conference. Cormac Watters, EVP, and GM for EMEA and APAC, will update attendees on the new Infor European organization, the expansion of the Infor ecosystem and how the new structure is delivering customer centricity. He will share news on the latest Infor product releases such as Infor CRM and Infor Coleman AI Digital Assistant, the Infor core values, increased investment in people and training and more.


Infor M3 Roadmap Update

Ole Rasmussen – Infor
Summary TBC.


Infor OS & M3 Technology Highlights

Koen Devos – Infor
What is Infor OS and how does M3 benefit from it? What are the different components and how do they interact with and support the Infor M3 Business Engine? This overview will explain how Infor OS modernises, simplifies and unifies your infrastructure, integration layer and user experience. Designed with Cloud in mind, the user is empowered to work smarter thanks to multiple Extensibility options. M3 on Infor Operating Service is the foundation to support you on your digital journey, address current & future challenges and create new opportunities.


Integration Strategy – An easy way to save time and money!

Carl-Adam Wachtmeister – iCore
How do you stop wasting time and money every time any element of your system infrastructure gets updated or upgraded? How do you protect yourself from the money-pit created by the need to integrate and re-integrate legacy applications? How do prevent the domino effect caused by constant forced updates to technology platforms? Hear about the experiences of companies who explored the challenge and then fixed it.


Is there ROI in IOT?

Andrew Dalziel – Infor
IoT is where the physical world meets the software world. With a prediction of more than 75 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020, there are huge opportunities for all organisations. The challenges begin with understanding what is possible and how to start! Come along for some inspiration and guidance.


Latest updates on advanced planning products for M3

Eric Warmenhoven – Infor
A review of the latest updates to the advance planning products for M3: Scheduling Work Bench; Planning Work Bench; Inventory Work Bench; Demand Planner


Revolutionise your Regression Testing like CertainTeed and achieve business continuity

George Wilson – Original Software
With six ERP installations across five countries, CertainTeed’s IT Director (a division of St. Gobain) knows about dealing with upgrades and patches and appreciates the importance of testing in delivering business continuity. We share how this multi-national corporation effected a novel approach to regression testing, eliminating the risk associated with any change. Result: A repeatable process established in weeks, full enhanced audit trail and no user efficiency fatigue. All of this with a minimal upfront investment.


Robotic Process Automation in AP with ISP-Invoice for Infor M3

Martijn Delfgaauw – IS Projects
Optimaliseer en automatiseer uw proces van het afhandelen van inkomende facturen met behulp van ISP-Invoice. De marktleider in de Benelux op het gebied van Infor M3 met meer dan 15 implementaties.


Supplier Consignment Stock in M3 – A Review

Eric Warmenhoven – Infor
An overview of the updated Supplier Consignment stock functionality in M3 MT. This interactive session will introduce the updated process and functionality around handling Supplier Consignment Stock in M3.


The Value of Enterprise Content Capture for M3 Using Infor Document Capture

Oliver Nies – Ephesoft
The platform for enterprise content capture and data discovery extracts meaningful data from structured and unstructured documents and feeds both documents and data into IDM to accelerate the pace of business transactions and processes. You gain value with this solution by reducing processing costs, improving productivity, eliminating manual entry mistakes, and enhancing data viability.