Trevor Howard retires as General Manager of the M3UA

After taking on the role of M3UA General Manager in 2015 Trevor Howard immediately started the challenging process of growing membership of the association. As he leaves the M3UA to enjoy his retirement the membership numbers have roughly doubled and the association is on an upward path that will enable that growth to continue.

L to R: Andrew Dalziel (Sr. Director Industry Strategy, Infor); Robin Irvine (Global CIO, ABP Food Group and M3UA Chairman); Trevor Howard (Retired); Martin Hill (General Manager, M3UA)

As a token of the M3UA’s appreciation for his work, representatives of the M3UA (pictured left) presented Trevor with a gift to mark his retirement at a final handover meeting in July. Some of you may know that Trevor pursued an interest in horology so it was appropriate that the traditional retirement gift of a clock should be used to mark the occasion. Because of Trevor’s knowledge and interest it couldn’t be just any ordinary timepiece, he was presented with a Nixie clock kit, one that we hope he can enjoy building now he has time!

The thanks of the M3UA Committee, members and sponsors of the M3UA go to Trevor for his hard work, integrity, commitment, determination and good humour. We wish him well in his retirement.

2 thoughts on “Trevor Howard retires as General Manager of the M3UA

  1. Prior to a very enjoyable meal with Martin Hill and Robin Irvine on the 31st of July (2018) I handed over the final few items of “office” – the Company Seal (from the days of the Movex User Association), the, original, certificate of incorporation of the company and the (accounts) book for the past year. With that my 3 year term as General Manager comes to an end. Just one final ‘vote’ of thanks, from myself, to all the M3UA Members, the Committee and Infor for your support throughout my period of ‘office’. Over the past 3 years the M3UA’s membership has nearly doubled, the UK and Benelux Conferences have grown, with the support of our Vendors (sponsors), plus the association’s finances have moved from a year of loss, in 2015, to 3 years of covering our costs, with a surplus, enabling the continued growth and an even bigger and better user association going forward. My best wishes and thanks to all – from Trevor Howard.

    • Wonderful sentiment Trevor. A big thank you from me, I don’t know where I’d be without your guiding hand. Put your feet up, you’ve earned it.

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