Why Join ?

New Blue LogoThe M3 User Association (M3UA) is a totally independent organisation operating on a non-profit basis solely for the benefit of any users of the Movex / M3 software platforms based in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

This introduction is intended to help you evaluate the benefits of joining and to build the business case to justify the annual membership. We firmly believe you will find it easy to justify.

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Why Join?  The Business Case

  • Gain an opportunity to have greater influence on the Infor M3 roadmap. The M3UA has access to the product enhancement process (PEP) to provide input to the global Infor M3 roadmap. To date a high percentage of the M3UA requests have made it into M3 releases in recent years (40% of M3UA requests are implemented in the latest M3 version within 18 months).
  • The M3UA organises regular conferences which are attended by M3 customers, Infor, Infor partners and other 3rd Join us and hear from other customers, the latest news from Infor and what partners can offer.
  • The M3UA schedules regular Focus Interest Groups where you can learn about a specific topic from, Cloud computing to the credit management process. Many of these are hosted and supported by Infor and others are via Webex or on a 3rd party site. You can propose a topic which is key to you or your business.
  • In addition, the M3UA is working to build Special Interest Groups where companies in a similar industries get together to discuss challenges, processes, technology, functionality requirements and solutions.
  • All M3UA events provide an opportunity to meet and network with peers from other companies that also use Infor M3. Share and learn from the experiences of others to deliver more value to your business.
  • The M3UA can provide support on identifying customers using similar functionality or that already have functionality you are considering purchasing and implementing.
  • Membership is at company level, so all your employees can benefit.
  • You get easy access to the M3 partner ecosystem through the M3UA.

Additional Benefits

  • Included in the M3UA membership is automatic membership of the Global Association of M3 User Groups (GAM3)
  • Through GAM3 connections you can get in touch with customers in a similar industry or using similar functionality in other countries.
  • Access to the membership list (for participating members only).
  • Infor is engaged with and listening carefully to the M3UA feedback.
  • The M3UA works with other Infor ERP User Groups on some topics increasing its voice.