Technical SIG: Deep Dive into customer and supplier communication using API’s

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Webinar , Special Interest Group
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This session will cover topics ranging from the overall M3 integration strategy to specific questions about managing EDI and using API's, all designed to help modernise your M3 integrations.

  • Infor overall integration strategy from a M3 perspective
  • Using M3 API in the Cloud World
  • How can I publish API's on events?
  • Test tools and documentation
  • Message based integrations in the Cloud World
  • How can I use my existing M3 messages in a Cloud scenario?
  • How is EDI managed in the Cloud?
  • Infor integration future roadmap
  • How to prepare for Cloud in my existing On Prem solution
  • M3 customer Thule integration journey to the cloud
  • Q&A

Host: Alan O’Neill (IT Manager, Horseware)
Presenter: Bjorn Torold (Technical Solution Consultant, Infor)

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Alan O'Neill
Horseware Products Ltd
Bjorn Torold

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