SIG – Is M3 or Workflow the answer to your COVID19 challenges?

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This SIG will explore solutions to the challenge of maintaining control of processes when people work remotely and new working practices are being enforced. Can your business processes be protected from the COVID-19 pandemic?

The challenges of process reliability and efficiency have always existed, but have undoubtedly been amplified by the number of people and processes which have been forcibly changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.Production and material handling processes may have been forcibly changed, can M3 cope? Where are the areas where most M3 customers are most likely to be experiencing difficulty? What native capabilities do M3 and InforOS have to help? At what point do the capabilities of a workflow solution become necessary?


Andy Vigrass, Managing Director - mrc (UK) Ltd.
Tim Hayes, Principal Business Consultant - Infor
Robert Laudyr, Technical Consultant - Infor

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Andy Vigrass
mrc Ltd.
Tim Hayes
Robert Laudyr

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