Joining M3UA

The M3 User Association is run by M3 users, for M3 users.

Who are our members?

The majority of our members are companies based in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg with an Infor M3 software licence or subscription. Companies using M3 from any region are eligible to join the association and have full access to M3UA activities.

The M3UA also welcomes applications for Vendor Membership from companies providing products and services to companies using M3.

Membership requires payment of a small annual subscription fee which is used to fund M3UA activities and forums throughout the year.

Why join?

The primary benefit of membership is the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with representatives of other organisations using M3. Many of the M3UA member representatives have been users of M3, or service providers to user companies for many years and are recognised as experts in the M3 community.

Together, the members of the M3UA represent a huge and valuable pool of M3 knowledge and experience. Membership of the M3UA gives access to this resource through its activities and events, and through the M3UA website and forums.

Membership Fees

Current annual membership fees are £600 (UK) or €750 (non-UK) per company (not including VAT).

More reasons to join

  • Company membership, unlimited participation.
  • Influence the M3 roadmap.
  • Attend M3UA Conferences.
  • Participate in Special Interest Groups.
  • Build your M3 network.
  • Discover M3 partners.
  • Explore complementary solutions.
  • Become an M3 Maestro!

Company membership, unlimited participation.

Membership is open to any company using M3 and provides access to all M3UA events and resources for all employees. Activities focus on the use of M3 in specific industries, specific functional aspects of M3, legal and statutory challenges with M3, administration and maintenance of M3, M3 technologies, tips and tricks with M3, and more. There’s reason for everyone to participate.

Influence the M3 roadmap.

The M3UA supports and coordinates the M3 Enhancement Request Process for members in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Belgium, helping them gain endorsement and support for their requests. The process, fully supported and managed by Infor, consolidates individual customer enhancement requests from around the globe into a prioritised list that is published and monitored. Prioritisation of requests is performed through endorsement and voting using Infor’s Enhancement Request System.

Attend M3UA Conferences.

The M3UA conferences take place both in the UK and in the Benelux each year. As the highlight of the M3UA year, these events are probably the largest gathering of M3 user companies in the region offering a superb opportunity for members to network with each other. With full support from Infor and our Vendor Members, the conference presentations cover a broad variety of M3 related topics and are enhanced by keynote presentations focused on the future of M3 and Infor.

Participate in Special Interest Groups.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together sub-groups of members sharing knowledge and experience relating to specific topics. M3UA Members can propose the formation of a SIG to address any topic considered to be of interest. Events will be arranged to allow knowledge and experience to be shared by members and recognised experts using an appropriate format. Typical formats for SIG meetings will be Webinars, Round-Tables, Site Visits, Seminars and Workshops.

Build your M3 network.

A key benefit of membership is the opportunity to share the knowledge and experience of other organisations using M3. Many M3UA members have been users of the M3 solution or service providers to companies using M3 for many years and are an invaluable source of information. M3UA members gain access to advice and guidance from their contacts made through M3UA Events, and from the broader membership through M3UA Website and Forums.

Discover M3 partners.

Whilst the core of our members are companies using M3, the M3UA also welcomes Vendor Membership from companies providing products and services to companies using M3. These organisations observe a code of conduct which precludes them from using the M3UA as a direct marketing channel, choosing to build their brand visibility, credibility and value to the community through active participation in M3UA events.

Explore complementary solutions.

The M3UA conferences and events are an ideal place to explore complementary and add-on solutions to further enhance your M3 system and drive additional business value. Solutions from both Infor and our 3rd party members are showcased in our networking and exhibition areas at M3UA conferences, and are reviewed as part of our Special Interest Group (SIG) activities.

Become an M3 Maestro!

In 2019 we are introducing Member Award levels. Members earn points for participation in and contribution to the M3UA. The more points you accumulate, the higher your member level gets! The M3UA values member participation and gives recognition to those who achieve the highest levels of Member Award.

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