About M3UA

The M3 User Association (M3UA) is an independent non-profit organisation formed by M3 user companies, for M3 user companies.

The M3UA exists to enable and encourage information and knowledge exchange between its members, and to represent their interests in all matters concerning their Infor M3 ERP solution.

The M3UA is a member of the Global Association of M3 User Groups (GAM3), an independent organisation formed to develop and enhance M3 User Groups, to represent their interests with Infor, and to assist with the development of the user community around the world.

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View the M3UA Constitution and Memorandum of Association.

The M3UA Mission

To help member organisations acquire knowledge and experience with M3 faster, and to promote changes in products and services related to M3 for the benefit of members.

The M3UA Vision

  • Remain an independent association that is recognised for the significant value it provides all its members.
  • Create and improve events and content that help members acquire knowledge and experience relating to M3 more quickly.
  • Develop the M3UA culture of active participation, respect and trust, making it easier for members to share knowledge and experience.
  • Recognise and celebrate the contribution of members who add significant value to the M3UA.
  • Continue growing M3UA membership to increase the association’s collective knowledge and experience of M3.
  • Consolidate member opinions and use them to influence changes in products and services for the benefit of all M3 Users.

Fully supported by Infor, the M3UA  organises conferences, seminars, training courses, workshops, and special interest group meetings  to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience among members, with Infor, and with the broader M3 community.


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