Special Interest Groups

The M3UA runs Special Interest Groups covering a wide variety of topics.

An ideal way to bring members together, virtually or in person, around a common interest. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together groups of members to share knowledge and experience on specific subjects, explore common challenges and opportunities, review add-on and complementary solutions, or just to make contact with other members in the same industry, function or region.

Check our Events page to view recordings of previous SIG meetings (available to Members only), or to register for a future meeting.

M3UA Members can propose the formation of a SIG to address any topic, or for any purpose considered to be of interest to other members. Events will be arranged for members with recognised experts using an appropriate meeting format. Typical formats will be Webinars, Round-Tables, Site Visits, Seminars and Workshops.

Current M3UA SIGs


Covering all aspects of reporting and analytics relating to M3, common challenges, solutions available, innovative approaches.


Covering topics such as eCommerce platform choices, implementation approaches, regulatory considerations, customer experience management.


Assisting members in the definition and promotion of M3 Enhancement Requests. Provides a forum to request support or endorsement from other members.


Covering statutory and regulatory issues, localisation and all matters relating to Financial Management including Brexit and MTD.

M3 Tips and Tricks

Covering any tips for effective and efficient use of M3, little known features, best practices, creative uses of functionality.

Supply Chain

Covering Supply Chain Execution and Management, including topics relating to warehouse mobility, data collection and automation.


Covering subjects relating to technology choices, challenges with integration, upgrade, data management, security updates and PTFs.

Dormant M3UA SIGs

The following SIGs are not currently active, but can be easily resurrected on request from any current member of the association. Just fill out the form below to start the process.

  • Food & Beverage Industry Group
  • Equipment Industry Group
  • Production and Engineering Group

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