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It is great to be operating back in the BeNeLux countries again after a lengthy absence; so a big thanks to Trevor and the M3UA for making this all possible.

What a great day we had at the recent M3UA event in Eindhoven.  A great venue, great hospitality, some great presentations but above all it was great to meet up again with so many remembered faces.

Essist returns with a new and completely innovative solution to remote monitoring and support that offers ‘Cloud’ type advantages but without any need to move your infrastructure!!

Anyone that took part in the Essist ‘3 Click Challenge’, with our own remote control Fork Lift truck, will understand the link between the challenge and the Essist ISSO247 service.  This alone must have prompted people to look into what we do and this is evidenced by the number of hits through Trevor’s event App, where we got more than twice the number of hits as the number 2..

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Looking forward to working in the region again.

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