This is a quick reminder that you only have one week left to submit your votes that will help Infor prioritise the M3 enhancement requests made by M3 customers from across the globe. The deadline for voting is 30th June 2019.

You can see an overview of the Enhancement Request System  (ERS) in this recording of the latest M3UA Enhancement SIG webinar.

The following information was posted in the Infor Customer Communities website on June 5th:

During the month of June, Infor customers will be able to select their top 10 enhancements per product for products to which they are entitled, and for which they are paying support. Each named licensee gets 10 votes in total. You will need to coordinate voting for your company to ensure only one person is voting. If there are more than 10 votes per named licensee, Infor will invalidate ALL votes for the licensee.

This prioritization period will only be available during the month of June after which the voting will be disabled.

How to find the Infor Enhancement Request System

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your credentials*
  3. Select “Enhancement Request System” in the upper menu “Resources”


  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your credentials*
  3. Click on the upper left 9-white-points icon and then on “Enhancements”

*Access to both sites reserved to customers with an active Infor maintenance/subscription contract – Visit the site to sign up or reset your password