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M3 Reporting Capabilities and Options – This Focus Interest Group Webinar session covers the reporting capabilities for getting information out of Infor M3. It is intended to deliver value to all companies regardless of the version of M3 or Movex you are currently running. It will discuss the following options for accessing data and reporting:

Agenda – areas covered

*   Online queries – M3 list panels and how they can be used to quickly access information in M3
*   Enterprise Search – enables you to easily search for information in M3
*   M3 standard operational reports – Business Engine reporting capabilities
*   M3 Report Manager – a tool used to generate, view, manage, extend and distribute operational reports
*   Mashups – delivers role based screens combining data from multiple M3 sources
*   Adhoc reporting – capabilities that enable you to build your own M3 reports over any M3 standard or custom built tables
*   Financial report writer – internal report writing tool for finance
*   Infor Business Intelligence – tools and methodology used for extracting strategic and tactical data to derive valuable information from M3
*   The new Infor acquisition of Birst, the leading BI and analytics vendors, and Infor’s BI roadmap

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Alistair Stone – Biography

Alistair Stone is the Product Manager for M3 Analytics, he has spent the last 17 years working within the Business Intelligence area, working across multiple M3 business verticals and across many Business Intelligence related product lines.