This is the second of a New programme of M3UA Webinars and covers a subject area all M3 users should take note of – it could be your route to a ‘free’ enhancement in M3, to meet your company’s needs, that is maintained as part of the standard M3 release.

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The Infor Product Enhancement System is an innovative and powerful tool that empowers Infor customers to influence the product roadmap. Supported by a process that puts the M3 user groups at the heart of the enhancement request prioritisation work it is a must-be-used asset for all M3UA members.

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John Gledhill – Biography

John leads a team of product managers who create the industry focused roadmaps for all the products contained within our M3 and LN product lines, working closely with development and then later launching new products both internally within Infor and externally supporting Infor’s marketing and sales activities.


Mercedes Larrea – Biography

Mercedes is in charge of operational follow up of Customer Experience initiatives such as customer satisfaction surveys, communication with user groups, reference programs, for EMEA, APAC, LATAM.