surveyYou may of received an email, from Ruth Fisher (of the CEB) requesting completion of an “Upgrade Survey”. This was sent out on behalf of the Customer Experience Board (CEB) to encourage all users of Infor software to complete the survey – This is an “Official” request; please complete the survey, it should only take a few minutes – Thanks.

Background – The survey is the result of months of work between the CEB and Infor to determine how best to increase the number of customers upgrading to the latest versions of their respective Infor software.  You may not know much about the CEB – it is a group made up of customer representatives from most of the Infor products around the globe so it is likely that there is a member of the CEB who you know of. Please feel free to reach out to them or to myself to confirm validity or with any questions.

The survey will help provide information on how customers may be encouraged to move onto the latest version of their Infor software.  The survey is a first practical step to find out if there are any upgrade barriers for customers and how these barriers might be reduced if not removed.

The short survey is designed to gather information from user companies without taking a lot of time to complete.  On the question of whether the survey will pass on the detail of individual comments to Infor – the results from the survey will be summarised around the key themes identified and will only pass on detail where permission has been given.  The same summarised results, relevant to our (M3) user association, will be passed on for use and discussion.

So, please complete the survey (I will provide the link if you do not have – request here) and note – there is a deadline for completion of this survey of 19th December so complete soon !

Best Regards … Trevor Howard.


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