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Consider Solutions3There are a number of specific challenges around risk, control and compliance in M3/Movex ERP


  • There are multiple instances of it, per unit, or per region for example.
  • There are multiple versions of M3 and some of them are quite old.
  • There are no standard provisions for managing Risk, Control and Compliance in M3
  • There is use of both function-based and role-based security
  • A lot of data and transaction customisations

So how can organizations overcome these challenges?

Whether for Financial Control & Compliance, broader Risk Assurance or Finance Process Optimisation, ERP data analytics provides better visibility, better control and better insights for process efficiency than has previously been available.

Infor M3 is used by a very large number of SME-type organizations. Although not always stock market listed and thus not required to adhere to structures like SOX, these organisations feel the need and pressure from customers, other stakeholders and external auditors to take a conscious look at their processes.

Legislation, like the Sunshine Act or specific covenants like the FSA Transparency Code for the German pharmaceutical industry, provides the catalyst for M3 customers to consider continuous controls monitoring and transactional data analytics.

Consider Solutions has experience in applying Access Control as well as Process Control Analytics to M3 systems allowing full visibility of what users ’can do’ and what they ‘did do’. This is possible for all versions of M3, including custom tables and transactions.

If you want to delve deeper into this topic, have a look at our recent webcast ‘Managing Risk, Control and Compliance in Infor M3/Movex ERP’ <Click Here> and there’s more <Here>.

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