M3UA Brexit SIG – Not a moment too soon

Who knows if it’s too soon for Brexit? It’s definitely not a moment too soon to start planning for it.

I think we’ve said this before, but it never hurts to repeat it. The M3 User Association exists to help its members build their knowledge and experience of M3 faster. Our job is to create the opportunities for you and it’s made easier thanks to your contributions and participation.

It’s faster with the M3UA because every member can share the knowledge and experience of other members. No matter what opportunity or challenge you face, there’s sure to be someone else in the M3 community who faces it too. Ideally they will have it already figured out. If not, then it’s time for the M3UA to step in and help you figure it out together.

Like Brexit. On 29th March 2019, 11pm UK time, the UK will leave the European Union.

Is your business going to be impacted? Are you prepared for the inevitable changes that will be required to your systems and processes? When there is so much uncertainty in the final outcome, its unlikely that anyone will have it all planned out. So we’ve formed a new Brexit SIG to help. 

The first act of the new SIG will be to initiate the creation of a document with the working title “Brexit FAQ for M3“. The idea is to compile and categorise all the questions our members have regarding the possible impact of Brexit on their M3 implementation (and potentially a bit beyond), we will then document the answers we get from the experts in our community and where we don’t have the knowledge or expertise, we will look outside to find it.

This document will be made available to all M3UA members. So what can you do to help? How can we ensure it covers the questions you have? How can we ensure we leverage all the knowledge and experience in our community? Through active participation. 

Join us on 9th October when the project to create this invaluable resource will be started. Sign up for the webinar and help your organisation get ready for Brexit.

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