New Special Interest Groups (SIGs) open to all members

SIG News for M3 User Association members!

The M3UA exists to help its members acquire and share knowledge and experience in all matters relating to M3. While annual conferences and newsletters are part of the answer, nearly all members agree that the most valuable forums for knowledge and experience exchange are the Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

We’re arranging six new SIGs (see below) which bring together sub-groups of members sharing and gaining knowledge and experience in the relevant topic. The M3UA is determined that the core of it’s activity will be driven by SIGs so watch LinkedIn for further announcements and the M3UA website for the schedule of events! If you’re interested, or have an idea you’d like to share, just click on the buttons below.

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  1. Reporting and Analytics
    Covering all aspects of reporting and analytics relating to M3, common challenges, solutions available, innovative approaches.
    Event: Dashboards and Reporting at Polyflor (13th Sept 2018; 1100 BST/1100 CET; Webex). Click for information or to register.
  2. Data Strategy and Management
    Covering backup and archiving, security and GDPR, data migration and conversion, challenges relating to mergers and acquisitions.
  3. Supply Chain and Warehousing
    Covering Supply Chain Execution and Management, including topics relating to warehouse mobility, data collection and automation.
    Event: M3 Mobile Transactions (11th Sept 2018; 1000 BST/1100 CET; Webex). Click for information or to register.
  4. Integration, Updates and Upgrade
    Covering subjects relating to technology choices, challenges with integration, upgrade options and planning, security updates and PTFs.
  5. eCommerce and CRM
    Covering topics such as eCommerce platform choices, implementation approaches, regulatory considerations, customer experience management.
  6. M3 Tips and Tricks
    Covering any tips for effective and efficient use of M3, little known features, best practices, creative uses of functionality.

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Do you have a better idea for a SIG? Or a particular topic to be covered by a SIG? Please let us know.


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