“With OpCon, I gave my IT staff the best tool to support my business goals.”

SMAAt a well-known French-luxury brand OpCon has reduced loss of revenue by automating cross-application processes and file transfer. From a single point of control it is now possible to proactively monitor and managed all job processes whether these are Infor or non-Infor environments. In this blog we will describe three challenges that OpCon solved.

Like many companies the IT-environment at the French manufacturer consisted of many different applications (Infor M3, Cegid & SAP), running in different environments (Windows, IBMi or cloud). Critical for the business continuity is moving around files from one application or system to the other. An issue that occurred is that corrupted files send to the logistical facilitator were only detected upon arrival. This resulted in the logistical facilitator not being able to supply the stores, which again resulted into loss of revenue. With the automated file transfer from OpCon, this problem never occurred again. OpCon automatically sends out notifications so that the issue can be resolved before it causes any real problems.

A second challenge that occurred, was that simply delaying a processes within Infor required a scripting effort of more than 30 minutes. With the easy to use interface, OpCon reduced these scripting efforts by 87%. The single point of control that OpCon created reduced the number of interfaces that needed to be monitored to run all Infor and non-Infor processes from 70 to one. Starting, stopping and delaying processes is now fully automated by OpCon. Processes such as the calculation of business needs, or running a customer print, are now done in a quicker and more efficient manner.

A third challenge that this customer faces was the many processes in different applications that were depending on processes in other applications. For example the manufacturing and inventory processes running in Infor M3, depend on sales data from the stores running on Cegid. With the OpCon workflows it is possible to easily visualize and automate these cross-application dependencies. This resulted into more streamlined IT-operations and administrators no longer having to focus on repetitive tasks.

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