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Learn how the Infor OS Technology Platform supports M3

Webinar Date and Time: March 29, 2018 2:00PM CET

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Curious about Infor OS and wondering what it specifically brings to the table for Infor M3?

If so, attend this free Infor Education webinar. You’ll learn about the different components of Infor OS and how they interact with and support the M3 Business Engine. You’ll also see how the various components are architected and designed with current and future business challenges in mind.

M3 product expert, Stephan Thiele, will help you make sense of it all and demonstrate how to get prepared for the future and for Infor OS.

Topics covered during the session:

  • Infor OS as technology platform
  • How Infor ION interacts with M3 and uses MEC as the interface to the M3 Business Engine
  • How Infor Document Management (IDM) and StreamServe StoryTeller are used to manage documents and output
  • The role of the Data Warehouse Designer and how it relates to Birst
  • How you can extend your applications with search, Infor App Builder, and Infor Mongoose
  • How Infor OS will support the M3 evolution

Audience: This webinar is for customers, Infor consultants, and Infor partners who need to understand how Infor OS supports M3 and M3-based cloud solutions.


Stephan Thiele | Consultant, Infor

Stephan was previously an Infor customer, where he served in a technical role and was responsible for integrating the very first M3 14.1.2 GRID installation in the DACH region. He later joined Infor as technical consultant, working with M3. Stephan has worked with M3, IDM, Infor Ming.le, ION version 11, and Infor OS on a technical basis handling installation, support, integration, maintenance, etc.




Jean-Luc Kauffmann | Global Education Product Manager, Infor

Jean-Luc Kauffmann is a Global Education Product Manager with a 15-year background in education and Infor products. His role within Infor Education is to develop high-quality education programs and ensure that the M3 training we offer is aligned with customer requirements.


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