Infor Enhancement Request System – Your votes count for M3

Effective the end of May Infor is implementing a rule that for an enhancement request to be considered it must have 10 endorsements. Should your request be removed you can renter it, but you again have 12 months to solicit your 10 endorsements or it will be closed

These improvements to the enhancement request process are intended to clean up those requests that have been in the system and are not getting any votes and are not getting any review.  The goal is to get the numbers reduced to the top enhancements requested so product management has a better opportunity to review them.

We are currently in the “Socialisation” phase of this cleanup – meaning we have until 31 May 2019 to socialise Enhancement Requests (ERs) and get at least 10 unique endorsements for any ER entered prior to 11 Mar 2019.  These 10 votes must come from 10 different customers.  For tips on how to socialise an ER or How to Write a Good ER, you can see the announcements on the home page of

In June Infor will archive requests that don’t get 10 endorsements. Each company will then get the list of open ER’s and get to prioritise their top 10 ER’s to drive the system changes.

You can review ER’s and endorse them at  (You will need Infor Support Portal credentials to gain access).

You can also find a presentation describing these changes to the system here: ERS Process Imrovements April 2019 (2)

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