News from Eindhoven: M3 TESTING by SOSY

SOSY enjoyed participating at the M3UA Benelux Conference in Eindhoven last week – as a M3UA sponsor, for the first time, and presenting on ”Painkillers for Your M3 Testing”. sosy-logo

It was exciting to launch our solutions for M3 TESTING at the BeNeLux M3 User Association Conference. The response from M3 communities in other countries has been the most exciting, SOSY has ever tried, and our message regarding M3 TESTING was also extremely well received in Eindhoven.

User Acceptance Testing involving the super users has been causing big headaches for many years. Let us help you resolve these challenges by automating and optimising M3 TESTING – or other applications in your IT environment.

Information on M3 TEST Automation

If you want to learn a bit more about our solutions for M3 TEST automation, we can suggest the following links:

  1. See how we have adopted our test management tool to Infor M3, so you have a starting point for your M3 TESTING. You can SEE and READ more about M3 Test Templates in Qualify
  2. How SOSY’s first M3 User is saving 50+% on M3 TEST – please read our M3 TEST Win Story on Gabriel A/S, Denmark
  3. Order an M3 Upgrade poster, see a 5-minute video on M3 Testing or review our M3 Upgrade Ebook on Original Software’s special webpage on Infor M3 Testing

We look forward to following up on the individual discussions we had in Eindhoven later this week!

Please me us know if you are interested in any additional information re M3 TESTING – maybe you want to book a demo for your company? Just let us know.

Helle Mering    e-mail: [email protected] 

Read more on  or on Original Software’s special website for Infor M3 Automated Testing

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